Founded in 2009, the Australia-based winery—Chovin Estate is a winemaking-centered vintner that focuses on area characteristics with main businesses including grape purchasing, winemaking, and selling wines from major producing areas of South Australia. It also provides professional and personalized products of wine and marketing services to wine lovers in Asia. We are now cooperating with various family-operated and boutique wineries in major producing areas of South Australia and some in Victoria. David and Nick, our winemakers, with their years of experience as advisors of Wolf Blass Winery, a one of the big brand of Treasury Wine Estates, have established long-term relationship of mutual trust with various representative vignerons and wineries gradually.


Our two winemakers are absolutely positive in their attitudes towards great prosperity of the producing areas in South Australia. David and Nick are committed to work together on the vinification, blending and ageing of wines with the common purpose of demonstrating the little known yet unique quality of these Australian terrioirs. In addition to our commitment to making high-quality wines on such land of humanity characteristics, we have an expectation that we can produce wines with quality based on traditional and modern winemaking technique combination while relying on our own understanding about natural conditions and social customs in the areas of South Australia and years of experience on winemaking.

Qualifications and services

Chovin Estate has a remarkable wine making technique, an excellent marketing team and a mature supply chain of wines. Our target markets for exporting including Mainland China and other regions in Asia. We are committed to providing customers a professional, efficient and cost-effective door-to-door transport service. In South Australia and Victoria, where the company operated enjoy a sophisticated purchasing and supply chain network for grape and high-quality wine. We commit ourselves to providing super-high cost effective and world-class post-sales service and cooperate with customers in a long term.

OEM service

In the meantime, our services are available for customers in market promotion and packaging design in Mainland China. We also provide OEM customers with services such as self-owned brand customization, wine label design, customs clearance and shipping. In 2016, Chovin Estate has produced wine of over a million liters. We have a diversified operator in types of product: wine with relatively low price vs. cellaring vintage wine, 1853 Barossa Vally Mourvedre and Clare Valley Riesling. Each year, our team spends a large amount of time in search of exceptional wines that appeal to every palate and encompass the whole taste spectrum. We are also operating in other beverages such as cider and spirit.

ABOUT US June 7, 2017